How to Sovled the 500 – internal server error

mod_rewrite Problem 1&1

If you have a webhosting package at 1& you may face some problems while using mod_rewrite for a website located in a subdirectory.

For example, if you create a subdirectory


and place your website (e.g., typo3 or something else) and a .htaccess file inside this. And if you try to use mod_write to have search engine friendly URLs or just rewrite urls for any other purpose, you may end up with a 500 internal server error.

To fix this problem, you should open your .htaccess file and check your RewriteBase configuration.

If your website is located in a subdirectory of your webspace, you need to set the RewriteBase configuration to:

RewriteBase /

For Example, if you want to configure the .htaccess file shipped with Typo3, and your installation is in a sub-directory “/mywebsite/”, you should modify the file as shown below:

### Begin: Settings for mod_rewrite ###
# You need rewriting, if you use a URL-Rewriting extension (RealURL, CoolUri, SimulateStatic).
# Enable URL rewriting
RewriteEngine On

# Change this path, if your TYPO3 installation is located in a subdirectory of the website root.
RewriteBase / # <= The important part of the configuration

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Change the Default Head type in TYPO3..

How to change the default head type from H1 to H1 to H6 which you want.


Please put this line to the Constant Editor of the Root Page.

content.defaultHeaderType = 3